The First Crowdfunding Campaign for Belarusian’s Gay Marriage. ‘We want to show the others that everything is possible’

Belarus is often called the center of Europe. The country is a little bit less than the United Kingdom and Romania in size. And it exceeds 2.2 times the territory of Hungary and Portugal as well as almost 5 times the territory of the Netherlands.

However, the Belarusian gay people can register their relations abroad only. Since such a marriage won’t be regarded as legal in their country.

The situation doesn’t stop the representatives of LGBT, who more and more often arrange the marriage ceremony in Denmark.

Gay Marriages of Belarusians

More and more one-sex couples from Belarus make up their minds to get the official confirmation of their partnership. Quite a few of them leave their motherland afterwards, moving to the countries with more tolerant societies.

Denis and Anton are open gay people. They share the story of their life together in Instagram. Anton came out to his Mom, when he was 14. Unfortunately, Denis didn’t manage to come out to his mother, since she passed away in February 2013. However, he told all other relatives about his homosexuality.

The couple has stayed together since a number of years. As they say themselves, ‘We have passed through fire and water’.

Anton admits that ‘if not for Denis, apparently, he wouldn’t manage to accept himself.’ He notes that ‘strangely enough for some period of time his ‘strength’ was aggression and attack.’

The guys decided to register their marriage in Copenhagen, having addressed to all non-indifferent people through a crowd-funding platform. To make their dream come true they need 3200 Belarusian rubles or 1360 EUR.

Denis and Anton shared with their ideas of spending the money and explained the reasons for the crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve decided to get married, since we feel it is right time to do that. We’ve spent 7 years together, and we would like to legalize our relationship. We don’t exclude the possibility of moving to another country afterwards, where our marriage will be legally accepted.

We would like to get married in Copenhagen in 2019. We regarded an option of Portugal at the beginning, but finally we decided to go to Denmark.

The format of the marriage ceremony will be quite ordinary: we will submit our documents, come to the City Hall, where we are declared husbands. We are raising funds for the trip now.

The marriage party is planned to be held in another city. It will be an informal celebration event for friends and relatives. We haven’t announced the venue yet.

Our crowdfunding campaign is more related with activism, in order to attract attention to the current situation with one-sex marriages. Another objective is to show the others that everything is possible and that gay people would like to draw public attention to their problems and defend their right for freedom of expression as well as the recognition of their universal human rights.

We are planning to tell others, who it is possible to get married without the need to address to the corresponding agencies. We will describe the way step-by-step –how to send the documents, how much it will cost, how to arrange the flights, and how to get the stamp of your dream.

We would like to publish a digest with all information for independent registration of one-sex marriages, since quite often the agencies increase the costs.

Although not all the people are ready to express their attitude to the LGBTQ+ community, even a small donation will be like a voice in its support.

Also, Denis and Anton will have a special bonus for their donors. They are keeping it in secret for the moment.

You can support Denis and Anton here.


Vasili Yadchanka