“We bring laughter and joy to people” — Belarusians prefer gay marches to military parades. LGBT — news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, June 2017 #4

Belarusian language, “Pahonia”, family, kids — what does Belarusian homosexual dream about. The main Russian film director finds LGBT as a major threat for European cinema industry. Ukrainian nationalists are planning to take revenge in Odessa for the failure to … чытаць далей

Political asylum for gays in Europe: how persecution and violence force LGBT representatives to leave Russia. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, April 2017

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Homosexuality as an actual plot in contemporary modern Belarusian literature. Contrary to the evidence provided be the media, the Russian authorities refuse the facts of arrests, torture and murder of gays in Chechnya. Positive social survey in Ukraine. LGBTQ-news, April 2017. чытаць далей