Ukraine has done a revolutionary step towards LGBT rights by simplifying gender reassignment procedure. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, December 2016, №5


In Belarus, accused of pedophilia was sentenced to 5 years in prison. In Russia, Christian approach was applied to the comprehension of transgender issue. In Ukraine, the gender reassignment procedure was reformed according to European standards. LGBTQ- news, December 2016, … чытаць далей

Russia did not allow the UN Security Council to thank Ban Ki-moon, for his work for the benefit of LGBT. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, December 2016, #3

Ban_ki_moon lgbt

December 17 — The Day of commemoration of the Soviet homophobia victims. Russia refused to thank the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for the protection of LGBT rights. Ukrainians are discussing the sexual orientation of a potential candidate for presidency  Nadezhda … чытаць далей

Elton John is going to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for a kiss. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, December 2016, №2


In Belarus, the prize for the best anti-discrimination articles of 2016 were awarded to Natalia Kostyukevich. In Russia, transgender woman, who has spent 22 days in the men’s prison, is released. In Ukraine, the campaign for Ukrainian Fashion Week is … чытаць далей

Punishment for sex reassignment surgery prepared in Russia. LGBT-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, December 2016, #1

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In Belarus, gender stereotypes are breaking through art. In Russia, sex reassignment surgery may become the subject to administrative penalty. In Ukraine, young people are taught to analyze media content on issues of gender and sexuality. LGBT-news digest, December 2016, … чытаць далей

The Russian main gay fighter called Cristiano Ronaldo a “complete villain”. Digest from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, November 2016, №4

In Belarus, the international campaign “16 days against gender violence” was launched. In Russian, art and creativity in support of LGBT: the vice-mayor resigned for insulting ballroom dancing, the musicians derided homophobia, film director appealed to shoot psychotherapeutic movie. In … чытаць далей

In Russia, transgender girl was placed  in the men’s prison. Digest from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, November 2016, №3

In Ukraine, deputies find it difficult to adopt a law combating violence against women, without participation of Council of Churches, which should clarify the terminology on sexual orientation. In Russia, the transgender woman was placed in a male prison. The … чытаць далей