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Снежань 18, 2017

Belarusian activist: Russian repression is good for Lukashenko

Winter is an especially busy time for human rights activists, with lots of significant days, events and news to be presented to decision makers. This isn’t always easy in Lithuania, but in Belarus, it’s even more difficult, especially in the context of the worsening situation to the East. As Barys Zvoskau Belarusian Human Rights House’s director Anna Gerasimova says, human rights violations in Russia give the impression that it’s “not so bad” in her own country, making it difficult for activists to talk about the problems relevant to them at the international level. чытаць далей

“Анатомия страсти” по-беларуски. ЛГБТ-новости из Беларуси, России, Украины, июль-2017, №3

Мексиканские страсти из беларуской глубинки. Уже риторическое “Кто виноват и виноват ли?” из России. “Семья, традиции, единство” из Украины. ЛГБТ-новости из Беларуси, России, Украины, июль-2017, №3. чытаць далей