Тэгі: hate speech

Сакавік 3, 2015

Brochure: Monitoring of hate speech in Belarusian media 2014

The monitoring data has been collected both for scientific and pragmatic reasons. The “Journalists for Tolerance” initiative members believe that the culture of creating ethic journalistic materials and the journalists’ feeling of social responsibility have significant development potential. And it is important to realize how this potential can be applied. чытаць далей

Monitoring of Hate Speech in Belarusian Mass Media: List of Monitored Mass Media

No. Mass Media 1 ‘Narodnaya Volya’ newspaper (non-state) 2 ‘Salidarnasts’ on-line newspaper – gazetaby.com (non-state) 3 ‘Narodnaya Gazeta’ newspaper (state-owned) 4 ‘Vo slavu rodiny’ newspaper(state-owned) 5 ‘Volny Horad’ newspaper, Krychau, Mahilou region (non-state) 6 ‘Mahilouskaya prauda’ newspaper , Mahilou (state-owned) … чытаць далей