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Снежань 20, 2017

Minsk replaced its pride parade with a festival – and it worked

Judging from the 2016 Baltic Pride parade in Vilnius, Lithuania has finally became a country where the LGBT* community no longer has to jump through legal hoops at the last minute when they want to throw a party. Unfortunately, neighbouring Belarus doesn’t have as much to celebrate – but this doesn’t mean that the country’s activists aren’t doing all they can for the community. чытаць далей

“Анатомия страсти” по-беларуски. ЛГБТ-новости из Беларуси, России, Украины, июль-2017, №3

Мексиканские страсти из беларуской глубинки. Уже риторическое “Кто виноват и виноват ли?” из России. “Семья, традиции, единство” из Украины. ЛГБТ-новости из Беларуси, России, Украины, июль-2017, №3. чытаць далей

“We bring laughter and joy to people” — Belarusians prefer gay marches to military parades. LGBT — news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, June 2017 #4

Belarusian language, “Pahonia”, family, kids — what does Belarusian homosexual dream about. The main Russian film director finds LGBT as a major threat for European cinema industry. Ukrainian nationalists are planning to take revenge in Odessa for the failure to … чытаць далей